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OD & ID Grinding & Gear Cutting At Chicksaw Machine and Tool Inc.

Chickasaw Machine & Tool Inc. is based in Chickasaw, Ohio, and offers a variety of services that include gear cutting, ID & OD grinding, CNC milling & turning and short run productions. Give us a call today to discuss your specific needs with a member of our experienced and courteous staff.
Millturn - OD Grinding in Chickasaw, OH

New Okuma LB45

We are proud to introduce to our facility a new Okuma LB45, 21” Chuck 40” between centers 4 ½” thru hole 26 ½” Turn Dia .

Large OD Grinder

Our large 28"x168" OD grinder uses a newly patented Versagrind™ grinding attachment to give you a better finish, quicker turnaround time, and higher-quality parts.
Grinding Machine - OD Grinding in Chickasaw, OH

Gear Cutting

Chickasaw Machine & Tool Inc. specializes in manufacturing American and Metric machined gears. We offer gear shaping and hobbing services and can manufacture spur gears, helical gears, and worm gears.

OD & ID Grinding

We have the capability with our OD Grinding to grind between centers from ¾" up to 28" diameter and lengths from 4" to 168". We also have the capabilities of ID Grinding ¾" to 13 ½" diameter and Bores from ¾" to 6 ½" Long.

Milling & Turning

Here at Chickasaw Machine & Tool Inc., our milling capabilities allow us to manufacture complex component parts. Our high-speed milling centers enable us to execute intricate configurations in a wide range of sizes with accuracy and reliability. Furthermore, our lathes allow us to provide finished turned parts with a wide range of available lengths and diameters.

Gear Racks

Rack styles include straight (spur), integrated and round and are available in various lengths.

Broaching ID Splines & Keyways

One capability we have that is quite unique for a job shop is our ability to broach. This capability has enabled us to be a premiere supplier for many customers. We have broaches and tooling available to produce internal keyways, spline and serrations of many different sizes.

Replacement Parts & Special Jobs

We make your job easier, whether it's a routine job, maintenance or an emergency repair, we can help make those special parts you need to get you back up and running.

Contact us today to request more information about our gear cutting, OD and ID grinding, milling, and turning services. Give us a call at (800) 625-8665.